Our Flexibility and result oriented approach helps you overcome your well challenges that are growing inevitable as Oil Production declines and you find ways to continuously lower your environment impact.

Our specialists help to solve your Well intervention challenges by working hand-in-hand with your team and your budget to design the most effective and reliable well intervention schedule.

  • Fishing

    We believe in building trustworthy relationships with you than building long billing hours at the expense of your Offline Well.

    With an inventory of the most versatile Fishing Tools, our Field Engineers have decades of experience in Repairing wells all around the world in different conditions and challenges.

    Resuming your Drilling and regaining your Well Integrity

  • Thru Tubing

    We understand the need of flexibility and resourcefulness to be ready for Well emergencies.

    At Flowtools, we are geared to mobilise at the earliest not just with our range of Motors, Mills, fishing and recovery tools but also experienced to engineer the approach and execution phases of the operation to perform efficiently, safely, and help you resume production with minimum disruption.

  • Plug & Abandonment

    Once your Well efficiency is no longer viable, the last concern you should be facing with is the budget for plugging the well.

    From selection of the right seals, to finding a sustainable solution, to providing a lasting and secure abandonment, we at Flowtools are not brand focussed or trying to sell you a product. We are here to provide you with options as an independent service company to bring you the best from the world of technologies.

    How to do it quicker, with better technology and at a lower cost is what we help accomplish with our experienced Field Service and Engineering support.

  • Coil Tubing

    While you can find many who can complete projects, much is lost in the mobilisation. With most coiled-tubing operations completed in one day or less, you have found the quickest turnarounds in the industry with us.

    Realize time and cost savings with fast rig up and rig down, and reduce the need for tripping in and out of the hole.

    Enhance downhole access using large-diameter pipe with high tensile strength. This provides a reliable conduit for downhole operations and expands your ability to use the broad range of our specialised tools.

    Reach out to Flowtools for your Drilling, Fracturing, Logging, Perforating, milling of frac plugs, as well as for Workover and Stimulation Operations.

    Not limited to providing Acidizing, Fracturing, Nitrogen kick-off

    We also provide Sand or Fill clean-out

    Pumping Cement slurry plugs

    Scale removal

    Fishing or retrieving plugs / packers

    Drilling / milling (hard scale or bridge plugs)

    Tubular cutter

    Permanent coiled tubing installation (completion, velocity string)

    Selective zone isolation and setting packers

    E-Line logging and perforation applications

    Complete data acquisition, real-time fatigue monitoring and tubing forces modelling software packages

    Fiber optic coiled tubing

    Pumping units

    Flow back unit

  • Wellbore Cleanout

    Several factors are involved with your cleanouts. The quality of your Recovery tools’ versatility, debris recovery technology, experienced personnel can all contribute to the effectiveness and completion of your project.

    At Flowtools we strive to provide you a Seamless transition from Drilling to Completion in your recoveries with the right people with far reaching collaborations worldwide.

Reliable Partners for your Operational Needs