We provide safe, reliable and cost effective services. Our turnkey solutions integrate state of the art technologies and expertise with comprehensive planning and seamless execution to maximise efficiency and improve the reliability of operations

Drilling Services

  • Drilling and Completions

    • Rigs and Equipment

      State of the art Drilling Rigs, managed Pressure Drilling systems and services and Wellhead systems

    • Bottom Hole Assemblies

      Our portfolio of Services include customised assemblies and variety of tools from in-house inventory to specialised tools from our technology partners worldwide.

      The flexibility of customising most tools locally helps us position ourselves for your turarounds.

      In-house inventory of mud-motors, calibrated tools, directional drilling and measuring equipment, and other specialised devices help us to mobilise quicker for your emergencies.

    • Surface and Downhole Logging

      Supply of Packers, Frac equipment, Plugs, Sleeves, Liner Hangers, Sand Control and Wellbore Cleaning Tools.

      Artificial Lifts – Sumbersibles, Progressive Cavity Pumps, Gas Lifts.

      Stimulation – Frac and Flowback equipment, Fracturing Services, Water Management

  • Accommodation Barges

    Mobilising Offshore accommodation barges to your needs and capacities. Features could include - Ensuite cabins, Meeting rooms, Conference Rooms, Training Rooms, VIP cabins, 24 hour catering, housekeeping, 24 hour internet, cable TV, Snack vending machines, coffee machines, Games, recreational activity rooms, Fitness area, Library, Fully functional offices, workshops, Hospital, medical rooms

    Staff and specialised personnel and professionals.

  • Supply & Crew boats

    Sourcing New and Used Offshore Supply Crew boats

    Spare parts, consumables and other supplies to be transported for your operational requirements offshore Capable of transporting crew and supplies between land and offshore locations Equipped with a variety of crew quarters and living configurations for longer deployments We also provide supply & crew boat services on rental.

  • Decommissioning

    Operators face the task of diligently planning the disassembling of infrastructure that has reached the end of its design life.

    From end-of-field-life determination to final lease clearance, we can assist with every aspect of facility abandonment be it onshore facilities, platforms, pipelines or single wells.

    Detailed plans and procedures for well plugging and abandonment, equipment and pipeline flushing, platform topsides removal, jacket dismantlement, tow and salvage/scrapping plans.

  • Rig management Services

    Capacity to help run rigs. This involves crewing rigs with qualified personnel, customer interface, Asset management, Supply Chain.

    Staffing services with complete management teams for Exploration & production assets.

    Supply of all equipment necessary to carry out all operations performed by the rig

    Mob/Demob of Rig to/on Location

    Drilling of Wells, re-entries, testing, completion, workover

    Assisting in any required operations

    Maintaining RIG certification

    Supplying and coordinating all transportation means for moving rigs between locations

  • Rig Move transportation and Logistical Support

    Safety and Planning, for a customised logistics solutions.

    Transportation services include Drilling Rig move, Super Rig move, Work Over, Casing, Heavy Haulage.

    Lifting, Rigging, Mobile cranes, trucks, rigging equipment, and even ships for Rig moves.

    Third party Inspection when required

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